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In competition with my yesterday’s self

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Or it’s 66 days... maybe 254 days. Depends on what research you read. My feeling is that it very much depends on the habit and how comfortable we are with it. Liking chocolate took me one split of a second. Doing yoga every day... still working on it. I can surely say that the same applies to daily household, shopping, self-care or any other habits.  

We started our little adventure called Till Zero by calculating ecological footprint and how much resources each of our team members use, that let us evaluate our daily habits 

Ecological footprint measures how much of nature is used to support our lifestyle. It includes all the daily habits, staring from where and what food you buy, ending with how far flights you've taken. It’s not only about how many resources you use, but also how many resources were used to manufacture things you buy, how much did it take to get you where you are. Officially there are 7.6 billion people like me and you walking on this Earth. Imagine if 7.6 billion plastic toothbrushes would be changed every 3 months, if 7.6 billion used plastic straws would be thrown out every day.  

Thankfully this is not the case. We live different lifestyles, we have different opportunities and needs. Even in our team results varied from 1.5 up to 3 Earths. Meaning, if everyone would live like our most environmentally unfriendly member of our team, we would need 3 Earths. Guilty as charged! And ready to change. And even if everyone would live like our most ecologically thoughtful member, still we would use more nature than we have. Here comes zero waste philosophy and Till Zero is giving it a hand. 

I calculated my personal results last week Wednesday, right before our little road trip to Republic of Macedonia. It made me see that travel habits contribute largely to the negative result. I didn’t even think of how my car has become my main mean of transportation and how it affects the environment. I knew it does, but I never thought to what extent. Thus, we picked up all together 6 hitchhikers that weekend. Did a good deed, remembered our own student times and had fun. While picking up hitchhikers is not the same as carpooling on daily basis it is a good start to reduce traffic, save money and cut that carbon footprint. This had a further chain reaction. Since Sunday I have no plastic bags in my trash bins, I recycle everything that is recyclable, in the market I bought only those products that were not packaged.  

This week’s challenge is to plan our meals better, so there would be no wasted food and cut those long showers. Make conscious decision about changing your lifestyle and act on it. It will become your new habit in 21, 66 or 254 days. It’s scientifically proven.  

I’m in competition with my yesterday’s self.  

We invite you to calculate your ecological footprint, it helps to see the whole picture that is your life, and beyond. Let us know what was your score and how you are moving towards zero waste. 

Global Footprint Network Footprint calculator  

World Wildlife Fund Footprint calculator  

Center of Sustainable Economy Footprint Quiz  

Dare to become better that yesterday’s self*.  


*Credit for Better that yesterday’s self goes to a fantastic statement artist 


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