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Planning! Planning! Planning!

Grocery shops are made to tempt you. So if you ever find your self in a grocery shop, run for your life and never look back. Or make a shopping list.

But first things first.

Plan your weekly meals and understand the amounts of food you need.

Prepare where you will put your food. Reusable shopping bag, cloth produce pouches, tin boxes or wax wraps. Glass can be tricky. It is heavy and it will add weight to your shopping bag and you have to make sure that the shop will be able to deduct the weight of the container when checking out. If this is not possible, wax wraps are light and for extra safety after purchasing you can put the product in the glass container. Another option here, if you are buying from deli you can ask the salesperson to weight your product, print out the sticker and only after that place it in your container.

And with all this prep, voila! you came out alive and waste-free. 

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